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Kirby’s Canine Academy uses force free training to make each session positive and fun. We work with each individual dog and guardian to create a sustainable approach to your dog training needs. Helping you and your dog become the best possible team. 

About Owner & Head Trainer Kristen Renaud


Kristen Renaud, JD/MBA, is a graduate of the Victoria Stilwell Academy’s Online Dog Trainer Course. She believes in positive, force free training to create a thriving team between you and your dog. After several years as a Management Consultant Kristen realized she could combine her passion for problem solving and consulting with her love of dogs. 


Kristen's path to becoming a certified dog trainer began while working with her own dog, Kirby, on anxiety related behavioral issues. After witnessing Kirby’s transformation, utilizing a holistic approach to diet, impulse control and positive training methods, Kristen set out to help other dogs and their families. 


With several years of experience of working with dogs, teaching group classes and private sessions Kristen founded Kirby’s Canine Academy in 2019. Kirby’s Canine Academy strives to work with each individual dog and guardian to create a truly sustainable approach to your dog training needs, helping you enjoy your dog for life. 


Kristen currently lives in Greenfield, New York with her husband, dog Kirby, and two cats Diggs and Ollivander.

Train with Kirby's Canine Academy 

Training you and your dog to be the best team


Want to train your dog right now?

Train instantly from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your home, with these downloadable guides and online courses. 

  • Potty Training: A free guide to help you potty train your puppy

  • Puppy 101: A five week course which teaches 15 training cues and best practices to help your dog thrive 

  • Beating Boredom 101: Bored dogs will invent their own job, such as barking, chewing, and digging. Learn how to prevent these common problem behaviors in under 30 minutes!

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Train with Kirby's Canine Academy

Want to train your puppy, or experiencing a problem behavior? Kirby's Canine Academy can help. We offer virtual and in person classes to accommodate everyone. 


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