Cute Dog

Beating Boredom 101

A bored dog will invent their own job, such as barking, digging or chewing. Learn how to provide the right resources to your dog to prevent problem behaviors.


Beating Boredom 101 is a half hour online class designed to teach you the best ways to keep your dog busy all day long. 

Ready to set your dog up for success? 

The secret to a well behaved dog

As the old phrase goes "a tired dog, is a good dog." Yet, new canine research shows us that it should actually be "a dog whose needs are met is a good dog."


Beating Boredom 101 covers the best ways to meet your dog's needs and tire your dog out; helping to alleviate those problem behaviors. is not all exercise...

The best toys for your dog

With so many toys on the market, picking the right one can feel overwhelming.


Beating Boredom 101 tells you which toys are the best to help calm your dog, and even prevent chewing problems! The course also covers several DIY toys you can make with common household items. 

The best games to play with your dog

Beating Boredom 101 teaches you fun and tiring games to play with your dog! Learn how to teach your dog basic scent tracking, hide and seek and more! 


These games provide your dog with a job, resulting in a better behaved dog.