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Want to learn more about your dog? Or maybe you have one specific problem you want addressed immediately? Kirby's Canine Academy provides many resources to help you get started on your training journey.

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Puppy 101

Online Class

A five week course designed using the latest canine research to help you and your dog thrive!



Walking with Dogs

Sniffari Challenge 

Compete with your dog

Challenge yourself to walk and play with your dog throughout the month of November. Compete to log the most time with your dog and win prizes all month long. 



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Beating Boredom 101

Online Class

Learn how to solve common behavioral problems such as barking and chewing in under 30 minutes! Often unwanted behaviors stem from boredom - learn how to provide  your dog with the right playtime! 



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Potty Training Tips

Free Guide

Potty training is a frustrating process. Fortunately, we have your back.