Puppy 101

Puppy 101 is a five week, self paced, online training course. During the course you will learn training theory and technique, ensuring sustained training results with your dog. 


The course is designed to move at your pace in a cyclical learning pattern. First you will learn the foundational skills and cues. These cues will be revisited throughout the course as you learn to add on to each cue. Puppy 101 will challenge your dog to master the trained cues both in your house, and outside while on walks.  


In addition to cues, each week will include a Dog Knowledge section. During this time you will learn about dog behavior, and the best practices to help your puppy adjust to a new home.

Why Puppy 101

Most training programs teach only a few basic household cues and leave the rest of the training up to you. This often results in a dog that listens only when you have treats, or a dog that does not listen to you outside of the house.


Puppy 101 is a unique training course.


You will learn the training theory behind each cue and best practices to ensure your dog responds to each cue. You will also learn how to train your dog to respond to cues despite distractions such as toys, squirrels and other people.

Puppy 101 spends time during each lesson teaching you valuable ways to help your puppy thrive in your home beyond training cues. You will learn:

  • Methods to prevent your dog from chewing on inappropriate items

  • How to train your dog not to jump on you or other people  

  • The best methods to walk your dog

  • Ways to entertain your dog while you are away from the house 

  • The best toys for your dog

  • And more!

Training Cues Taught

Puppy 101 teaches the following Training Cues: 

  • Name Recognition: Dog responds to his / her name

  • Sit: Dog moves into a seated position

  • Down: Dog lays down

  • Watch Me: Dog redirects attention onto you, making eye contact 

  • Settle: Dog stops moving and jumping and sits calmly 

  • Stay: Dog stays in place until released 

  • Touch: Dog moves to touch your hand 

  • Come: Dog recalls to you 

  • Loose Leash Walking: Dog walks beside you and does not pull on leash 

  • Leave It: Dog leaves object alone and removes attention from it

  • Up: Dog gets up onto a surface

  • Floor: Dog gets down from a surface

  • Go to Place: Dog moves to designated mat and settles into a down position on the mat

  • Polite Greeting: Dog greets people without jumping up 

  • Drop: Dog releases item from mouth