Sniffari: A walk led by your dog; during a sniffari your dog gets to sniff and explore at your dog's own pace.

As the weather gets colder, it is tempting to scale back the amount of time we spend walking or playing with our dogs. But dogs need quality time to burn energy and stay mentally stimulated.

Without proper exercise, and mental stimulation dogs will often become bored. And bored dogs will invent a job, such as barking, digging, trash raiding or counter surfing. 

To help making outdoor time fun, and keep away boredom, we created the November Sniffari Challenge. Grab your dog, your friends, and get moving with your dog!

Walking with Dogs


Register for the November Sniffari challenge by 11/1/2020 on Eventbrite. Register once per dog (even if multiple people will be walking with the dog). 


Download the Map My Run app on your phone. Create one account to keep track of your dog's activity. If you have multiple people in your house, please make one account for the dog, and share the same account. 


Track your activity. The competition is based on the duration of the activity. Here is a list of possible activities: 

  • Walking

  • Playing fetch

  • Sniffaris

  • Running

  • Hiking 


Throughout the month you will receive pawsome tips on training and dog behavior. 

Prizes will be given out weekly and for the number one spot overall! 

Prizes include:

  • All natural and organic dog treats from Mugzy's Barkery 

  • Training Classes 

  • And more!